I copied a table from the database and paste in . But some of the cells are automatically converted to exponential format. I know how to change the format of a single cell. But is there any way to

  1. Change the formats of all the exponential cells.
  2. How to know the number of cells affected by the automatic exponential format change.

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  • Select your column
  • Press together
  • under Find What enter ***
  • Click Format and either select your numeric format directly, or click Choose Format From Cell (Step 1 below)

  • Press Find All to list all the cells (Step 2 below)

Step1 enter image description here

Step2 enter image description here


I got the answer.

I just gone with the same method which I was using for a single cell.

Select Column ---> Format Cells..

In Number Tab ---> select custom ---> Select 0 instead of general and its solved.

  • My answer lets you pick out the cells that you need rather than an overall format
    – brettdj
    Aug 28, 2012 at 9:52

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