I have a QImage of size 12x12 in GIF format. I want to rotate it on certain angle with very high frequency. My application involves a robot so when it changes its orientation(which it does very frequently) my QImage in simulation should also be rotated but it causes loss of information. I am doing it something like below.

*robot2 = robot->transformed(robot_transform,Qt::SmoothTransformation);
*robot2=  robot2->scaled(12,12, Qt::KeepAspectRatio,Qt::SmoothTransformation);

I need suggestions that whats wrong in this approach and secondly is there any other optimal approach for the desired application? Thanks

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I would increase the resolution of the source image to at least double. Rotating an image to non-90-degree angles will cause loss of pixel information. An higher res source can compensate for that.

Most sprite based animations use pre-rendered images for each possible angle.


The problem is the scaling afterwards, you need to crop the center of the image. You can do this with QImage::copy.

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