How should I get this to work ?

var param = 'someFunction';


When I run this code, I get the following error

SyntaxError: missing name after . operator

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. and [] are kind of the same thing.

What you want is require('views/MyView')[renderMethod]();

require(...) will return the exported module, which should basically be an object with the functions as properties.

So, let's say we have:

var obj = {
   foo: function() { alert('foo'); }
   bar: function() { alert('bar'); }

Then you could do:

obj.foo(); - call a fixed name function

obj['foo'](); - dynamic name fixed arguments

obj['foo'].apply(this, args) - dynamic function name and arguments.


One more thing I noticed:

In requirejs, when you do something like this:

define (require, function() {
    x = require('views/Foo');

RequireJS will determine by parsing the code that you will need the 'view/Foo' module, and make sure it is loaded before executing your code.

But if you want to load a dynamic module, it won't know beforehand what module to preload, so you will have to use a callback to be notified when your module will be loaded:

define (require, function() {

    require('views/' + viewName, function(myView) {
        myView.bar(); // or 
        myView[dynamicFunc](); // ... 

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