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Does anybody know where the jar file namingserver.jar can be found? I've searched through the websphere application server installation but found nothing. Additionally, I also tried to get one from the internet but have had no luck either.

WAS version: 7.0 ND

I need to get the following code working.

Hashtable env = new Hashtable();
InitialContext context = new InitialContext(env);
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I think what you really want to know is,

In which JAR does one find com.ibm.websphere.naming.WsnInitialContextFactory and/or javax.naming.InitialContext?

On the server, the former is located in com.ibm.ws.runtime.jar inside the /plugin subdirectory of the installation root. The latter is part of the JDK.

If you're intent is to run this code as a thin EJB client, then you want com.ibm.ws.ejb.thinclient_7.0.0.jar in the runtimes subdirectory of the installation root.

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Are you specifically looking for that class rather than that jar? Are you certain that class is in that jar? Try this JSP to find which jar is providing the class.

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To execute that code you will need the EJB thin client. You can find the corresponding JAR in the runtimes directory of the WAS installation.

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