I'm interested to do it on domain .com zone. Does anyone know a registrar which will be able to do it?

You cannot change the creation date for your domain. I assume that you wish to make your site seem older for SEO reasons. That would be against ICANN policies. However there is a meta tag that you can use to try to tell search engines how old your site is.

<meta name="creation_Date" content="04/29/2010"/>

Unfortunately for you, this is not used by many search engines (if any). If you want to see what meta tags that Google uses, you can see a list here

The original creation date of the domain registration cannot be changed, per ICANN policy on this topic. All registrars are required to abide by the ICANN WHOIS Accuracy clause, which requires keeping track of the original domain creation date as long as that domain remains within their system. There used to be a loophole where Verisign would reset the creation date if a domain was transferred to them, but this has since disappeared since ICANN started requiring the original creation date to be sent to the accepting registrar in the event of a domain transfer. You can read more about these policies here.

The only way to change the creation date in a domain registration record is to allow the domain to expire, then be deleted. The domain can then be registered anew, thus resetting the creation date to a later date. However, this assumes that no one scoops up the domain name after it is deleted, and you are at risk of losing the domain name. While this is a way to move the creation date forward in time, there is no way to move the creation date backwards in time.

One of the reasons this is enforced with domain name registrars is that it is swiftly becoming a part of case law. The domain name creation date can be used as evidence in defending trademarks in selected cases.

You can learn more about the domain name registration process here.

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    "if a domain was transferred to them"? how could that happen? VeriSign is the .COM/.NET registry among other things, so they handle a domain name because it is a .COM/.NET ones, or they do not if it is another TLD. So you can not transfer a domain name to a registry. You may confuse things with a registrar. Also, in some TLDs, the create date is indeed reset by a transfer. But not in gTLDs. – Patrick Mevzek Jan 3 at 23:09

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