I am using FCKEditor in my project and need some of the text to be un-modifiable in that. I am thinking like create some plugin which will make some specific tag like <a href...> tag to be Un-modifiable.

See in below image... Like EBL:{Blood Loss:minimal} and Fluids {Fluids: none} is Un-modifyable part in HTML. I mean kind of these. Some part of Text is not modifiable. Any one can give me any hint for any plugin like that... Thanks...

enter image description here


There's official placeholder plugin for CKEditor. You can check it here http://nightly.ckeditor.com/7597/_samples/placeholder.html It should be appropriate to your needs.

  • Thanks for your answer. and it's relevant to my need. Thanks again.
    – Ketan
    Aug 30 '12 at 11:51

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