I'm working on a page which fetches code with a Javascript httpObject and uses it to update two elements on the page - a google map, and a DIV that lists the things the marker points to.

That bit works fine. The problem is that when I create the markers, I do so through a for loop, and I add listeners to the marker in each loop. Then, when I test the page, I find the same thing happens for every marker.

Hovering over a marker should change the border colour of the corresponding bit of the DIV. Instead, each marker changes the border of the last bit. It seems like each time I add the listeners I overwrite the listeners of the previously added markers too.

I get that this is to do with the Google Maps API retaining the identity of a marker even when you create a new one in Javascript. What I don't get it how to get around it - I tried creating an array outside the loop, and changing

var newMarker = new GMarker(newLatLng);

with newMarker[count] = new GMarker(newLatLng);

but it still doesn't work.

Help Me, StackOverflow. You're my only hope. :)

Edit: A little more code

for (count=0;count<=LatArray.length;count++)
  thisLat = LatArray[count];
  thisLong = LongArray[count];
  thisHTML = HTMLArray[count];
  newLatLng = new GLatLng(thisLat, thisLong, true);

  if (mapBounds.containsLatLng(newLatLng))
      var  dinnerNumber = "dinner_"+count;
      newMarkers[count] = new GMarker(newLatLng); 
      GEvent.addListener(newMarkers[count],'mouseover',function(){document.getElementById(dinnerNumber).style.borderColor = '#000000';
}// for
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    +1 for referencing Star Wars (the non-rubbish one) – karim79 Aug 2 '09 at 22:40
  • Can we have a bigger code sample please? It's very hard to tell what the problem is. – karim79 Aug 2 '09 at 22:48

Closure issue -- all those listeners share the same dinnerNumber variable. Try this:

GEvent.addListener(newMarkers[count], 'mouseover', (function(dinnerNumber){ return function(){document.getElementById(dinnerNumber).style.borderColor = '#000000';}; })(dinnerNumber));

This way, each listener is created with its own closed copy of dinnerNumber.

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  • Thanks Justin! I haven't a clue whats going on at the end there, but it works. I'll pull it apart and see if I can make sense of it, but for now you've solved my problem! – Alan Jack Aug 3 '09 at 12:17
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    Check out robertnyman.com/2008/10/09/… for a really good explanation of closures and the "infamous loop problem." – Justin Ludwig Aug 4 '09 at 19:00

You have to read carefully

GEvent.addListener(newMarkers[count], 'mouseover', 
          { return function()
                { document.getElementById(dinnerNumber).style.borderColor = '#000000';};        

you missed one ();

the 3-rd parameter is (function(var){return function(){//what you want wirh var;};})(var)

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