I have coeftest class object that I coded for some purposes that lm class cannot achieve, but I need to export the object in the way as xtable(lm) does. Any idea would be appreciated!


I think this could help you out:

library(AER) # I think coeftest() belongs to this package.
latex(coeftest(model), digits=5)

Where model is the linear model estimated by lm(). latex() is a function from Hmisc package which is more general than xtable.

If this is not what you are looking for, then provide some data and the expected result so that we can figure it out.

stargazer(model, se=coeftest(model), report=vcs)

model is the linear model. stargazer is, at least in my experience, more general than latex() from Hmisc.

  • I guess you the quotes are missing for the last argument: report="vcs" – Matifou Dec 3 '15 at 2:17

Alternatively, if you want to use xtable, could write down a small function:


xtable.coeftest <- function (x, caption = NULL, label = NULL, align =     NULL, digits = NULL, 
                         display = NULL, ...) 
  class(x) <- "matrix"
  return(xtable:::xtable.summary.lm(li, caption = caption, label = label, 
                                align = align, digits = digits, display = display))


It is admittedly not the most elegant (there are two issues, one that it is difficult ot convert a coeftest object, second that xtable.summary.lm uses x$coef instead of coef(x)) but it works!

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