Using JMeter, I want to test the page. After fill in and submit the form, some insert into database is performed (adding new trip).

Path: /ProjectName/admin/addTrip.html
Method: POST
basePrice 500.0
hotelId 2
description Some text

The main issue is that the page is available after log in. And I don't know how to log in with j_spring_security_check using JMeter.

I tried to use Login Config Element as the parent of HTTP Request to addTrip page. As the result in View Result Tree -> Response data I get the login form. Of course this is not expected result.

Next I tried to use HTTP Request to login page.

Path: /ProjectName/j_spring_security_check
Method: POST
j_password mypassword
j_login mylogin

The result seems to be fine. View Result Tree -> Response data shows the correct (after login) page. On the same level in thread group I added Http Request of addTrip. The result is the same as in the previous case - login page. No after addTrip page and no insert to database.


Your plan must be missing:

  • cookie manager

And you probably didn't handle right the spring security login phase which includes redirect.

The best solution for you is to use JMeter Proxy Recording. If you're a beginner in JMeter read:

Then for each component you will use you can read:

  • Your answer was somewhat helpful because in your links I found info about URL Re-writing Modifier. Point for you. – LancerX Sep 20 '12 at 9:39

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