How can I convert a string like s = "6.1101,17.592,3.3245\n" to numbers in Lua.

In python, I usually do

a = s.strip().split(',')
a = [float(i) for i in a]

What is the proper way to do this with Lua?

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This is fairly trivial; just do a repeated match:

for match in s:gmatch("([%d%.%+%-]+),?") do
  output[#output + 1] = tonumber(match)

This of course assumes that there are no spaces in the numbers.

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    Using s:gmatch("([^,%s]+)") is probably more robust and also allows whitespace. On the other hand, this pattern will extract any "words" between commas, not just numbers. – lhf Aug 31 '12 at 12:01

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