I skimmed through their documentation and found it a bit overwhelming at first. I know you can search for items by entering a UPC (the number below a 1D barcode), but I couldn't find a word about it in the API.

What I want to do is perform a product lookup by doing a UPC search after scanning a barcode.

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Here is a page from the https://webservices.amazon.com/paapi5/documentation/use-cases/search-with-external-identifiers.html which shows how you can use the ItemLookup method to find a specific product by UPC.

Note that default IdType for the ItemLookup is ASIN, but you can change it to something else like UPC if you need to


Be carefull if you want to use the Amazon web services API on a mobile device !

We've found this in the Amazon.com Product Advertising API License Agreement:

4) Usage Requirements

(e) You will not, without our express prior written approval, use any Product Advertising Content on or in connection with any site or application designed or intended for use with a mobile phone or other handheld device, or any television set-top box ....

Link to Amazon.com Product Advertising API License Agreement

Any Ideas for an alternative ItemLookup method to find a specific product by UPC/Barcode ?

  • Whoops, perhaps I should get used to reading T&Cs without just checking the box below... Thanks!
    – mxk
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  • Yep, this is what got the Delicious Library iPhone app killed. Commented May 15, 2012 at 16:18

Yes sure, the Amazon web service APIs does support barcode/UPC queries. Any information / documentation are to be found here.

If you want to generate barcodes, maybe this helps?

Cheers, Tim


With IdType request parameters ( see documentation here ) not only for upc, but also support ean and isbn query

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