Is it possible to create a nickname for a package name, that I can refer in xml file?

I don't want to write the whole package name e.g. com.example.go.deck.today instead can I create an alias and refer that alias?

I'd like to refer an alias or nick instead of the package name in an android/layout XML file.


Android by itself does not provide such facility. However you can use the ant to do it for you. You could write a custom build.xml, customizing the target <target name="-code-gen"> to do token replacement before the R class is generated. You could add the rule :

<replace file="targetFile" token="@PACKAGE_ALIAS@" value="com.example.go.deck.today"/> 

this would replace every occurrence of @PACKAGE_ALIAS@ by com.example.go.deck.today in the targetFile.

I am not an ant specialist but based on past experience I would say that it would not be hard to write a rule that could scan all file in the res dir.


No, sorry, this is not possible, at least not directly within the Android toolset.


Though its not directly possible to refer to a package name, however, for using a ‘resource’ in a xml or code is :




NOTE: package here does not mean ‘java package’ but package == application, so if you are accessing a resource which is defined in your own app you can skip it. Thats why we use @strings/name or directly R.strings.name. Similarly to use resources defined by android we will use @android:string/name or android.R.string.name

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