I started out with this post on the Raspberry Pi exchange, which has led me down the path of building Qt from source.

After following this stackoverflow question AND the example on this blog post, I can run configure.exe and generate the makefile with no errors (although that doesn't mean I did everything completely right), but I get errors when I run make.

Here's my current setup: MSVC2010 as the host compiler, and Sourcery CodeBench Lite as the cross compiler. When I run configure.exe, I build for arm-none-linux-gnueabi-g++. And of course, before I try to build anything, I run vcvarsall.bat from the command prompt I'm working in.

Here's the problem: After the makefile is generated, if I use jom to build, it will run for about 5 minutes, and then end with this error:

jom: C:\qt-pi\src\coreLib\Makefile [..\..\lib\libQtCore4.dll] Error 1
jom: C:\qt-pi\src\coreLib\Makefile [all] Error 2
jom: C:\qt-pi\Makefile [sub-sorelib-make_default-ordered] Error 2
jom: C:\qt-pi\Makefile [all] Error 2

Does anybody have any idea what I need to do to build Qt on Windows for Linux/ARM? Thanks!

  • The guy on the blog has patched Qt. Have you applied the patches? Also need to run configure.exe with some of the arguments he has given. The 'libQtCore4.dll' means that someone still thinks they are in Windows land and the configure didn't go right. – artless noise Jan 25 '13 at 1:34

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