I'm trying to find a documentation about how to setup apache2 mod_proxy with SOCKS proxy I've found this page http://menet.math.ecnu.edu.cn/manual/mod/mod_proxy.html#socks But it is about apache version 1, and I'm not sure that the recipe there still apply to version 2

What I'm trying to achieve is:

Have an apache2 serving my domain exampleA.com, and SOCKS proxy. They are both running on server A. SOCKS proxy is there so some apps on server A can communicate with other apps on servers B,C and it is running on localhost:4000

What I want is when user visit a specific url like http://exempleA.com/spetialurl/http://exampleB.com/xxx

this http request will be proxied via apache mod_proxy to server B - but through SOCKS proxy or if user access http://exempleA.com/spetialurl/http://exampleC.com/xxx this will be proxied to server C also through mod_proxy via SOCKS proxy

I can configure the mod_proxy to proxy a specyfic url to servers B or C What I'm missing is how to configure/tell apache2 to use the SOCKS proxy

This urls on servers B and C are not publicly visible, but they can be accessed through SOCKS proxy


Unfortunately you can't use it directly. The closest thing that is there is below directive


And for me below config works great for an http proxy but not for an socks proxy

ProxyPass / http://ipinfo.io/
ProxyPassReverse / http://ipinfo.io/
ProxyRequests On
RequestHeader set Host "ipinfo.io"
ProxyRemote http

The result is below

IP Proxy Apache

Which shows that request is proxied correctly through the proxy. But doing it with a socks proxy results in 502 and I couldn't find a documentation saying socks5 is supported

So your option is to use something like polipo


You can use it as a http->socks proxy forwarder and then ProxyRemote to the local polipo port

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