I am using the TinyMCE editor and the paste from word function.

My problem is that when I have spaces, tinyMCE transform them in &nbsp and I would like to keep the normal space.

Is there a filtering function or something similar which can be used in tinyMCe.init which will do that?

Thank you.


I have found a soultion, I am not sure that's the proper one, but it works. In the tinyMCE.init, I added:

paste_auto_cleanup_on_paste : true,
    paste_postprocess : function(pl, o) {
        // remove extra line breaks
        o.node.innerHTML = o.node.innerHTML.replace(/ /ig, " ");

Here is the entire tinyMCE init:

function addTinyMCE_Authors_AffiliationsWord() {
        script_url: '/js/tiny_mce_3.2.7_jquery/jscripts/tiny_mce/tiny_mce.js',
        width: "800px",
        height: "250px",
        mode: "textarea",
        theme : "advanced",
        plugins : "paste",
        // Theme options
        theme_advanced_buttons1 : "pasteword",
        theme_advanced_buttons2 :"",
        theme_advanced_buttons3 :"",
        theme_advanced_buttons4 :"",
        theme_advanced_toolbar_location : "bottom",
        valid_elements : "p",
        paste_auto_cleanup_on_paste : true,
        paste_postprocess : function(pl, o) {
            // remove &nbsp
            o.node.innerHTML = o.node.innerHTML.replace(/ /ig, " ");


  • If you have multiple spaces between words and you change the nbsp to a regular space (without the correct css defined) then the multiple spaces will render as a single space and this will not be a viable solution.
    – jnoreiga
    Sep 21 '17 at 16:05

have you tried to add: entity_encoding: 'raw' when initializing tinyMce? it helped in my case.


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