I am setting up a PostgreSQL (9.1 version) standby server in Streaming replication (not file-based log shipping).

Having set standby_mode to 'on' and primary_conninfo to a correct value, is it important or mandatory to set restore_commandor archive_cleanup_command? And also archive_command in the master server?

I'm not very sure of the answer despite having read the documentation.



Let me answer my own question. In the recover.conf file, which must be present in the slave, there is a comment for restore_command that says:

# This parameter is *required* for an archive recovery, but optional
# for streaming replication.

In conclusion, it is not necessary to configure the file log-shipping features (archiving, recovery, cleanup, etc) if your slave machine does not fall back too much from the master.


You are required to set the archive_command on the master and set a matching restore_command on the slave.

The streaming replication system works by giving the wal record id to the slave which will get it by using the restore_command. So you have to have some kind of archive_command on the master which writes to a storage device that is accessible through the restore_command on the slave.

The archive_cleanup_command is optional but highly recommended as the wal archives take up a lot of diskspace and can fill up your disks quite fast.

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