Hey there, I am traversing all the links in my own code base, and changing them from <a href="x"> to <asp:HyperLink>'s for localization reasons. I'm using the HTMLAgilityPack for this (and other things) and I'd like to just change the OuterHtml object for the links I find..but it's read-only?

I'm new to the HAP, do I need to create a new node and delete the old one? Has anyone run into this?



I ended up using...

node.ParentNode.ReplaceChild(HtmlNode.CreateNode(HrefToAspLinkText(node.OuterHtml)), node)

hmm. worked, but ugly.

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    This has been bugging me for a long time, the help and tooltips for OuterHtml say you can set it, but you can't. This (slightly ugly) way works- thank you! Jan 25 '11 at 15:21
  • Check my comment for a 'better' solution. May 2 '12 at 13:24

Why use the HTML Agility Pack if you're treating the whole document as a string. Instead look up tags and replace those then write back the document.

var doc = new HtmlDocument();
doc.LoadHtml(yourString); // or doc.Load(yourStream);

var links = doc.DocumentNode.Descendants("a");
foreach (var link in links)
    link.Parent.Replace(ConvertLink(link), link);
string newDocument = doc.DocumentNode.OuterHtml; // Or doc.Save();

And your ConvertLink would look like this:

public HtmlNode ConvertLink(HtmlNode aTag)
    var link = HtmlNode.Create("asp:HyperLink");
    return link;

(not compiled, so might need some tweaking).

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