I'm trying to write a for loop in bash to get the files with extension of jpg, jpeg, png, this i my attempt, but does not work

for file in "${arg}"/*.{jpg,jpeg,png}; do echo ${arg}-something.jpg > z.txt ; done;

basically, i want to get the name of the file with those extension in the current folder, and do something with each file, then output the filename back with a new extension.


You are not using $file anywhere. Try

for file in "$arg"/*.{jpg,jpeg,png} ; do
    echo "$file" > z.txt

I would like to suggest 2 improvements to the proposed solution:

A. The for file in "$arg"/.{jpg,jpeg,png} will also produce "$arg"/.jpeg if there are no files with jpeg extention and that creates errors with scripts:

$ echo *.{jpg,jpeg,png}
myPhoto.jpg *.jpeg *.png

To avoid that, just before the for loop, set the nullglob to remove null globs from from the list:

$ shopt -s nullglob # Sets nullglob
$ echo *.{jpg,jpeg,png}
$ shopt -u nullglob # Unsets nullglob

B. If you also want to search *.png or *.PNG or *.PnG (i.e. ignore case), then you need to set the nocaseglob:

$ shopt -s nullglob # Sets nullglob
$ shopt -s nocaseglob # Sets nocaseglob
$ echo *.{jpg,jpeg,png}
myPhoto.jpg myPhoto.PnG
$ shopt -u nocaseglob # Unsets nocaseglob
$ shopt -u nullglob # Unsets nullglob
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    Nice suggestions. Thanks ! – Shrinath Dec 12 '18 at 19:30

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