I am prototyping a tool that runs every few minutes and goes off to an office 365 site and to retrieve and then process information.

At the moment I have started with the MSDN guide "Remote Authentication in SharePoint Online Using Claims-Based Authentication" which points to a very helpful code sample that gets a clientcontext object based on a user logging in and then extracts the cookie.

I want to be able to run my code within task scheduler, so that you will be able to specify the office username and password in a configuration somewhere.

Does anyone have any code that will do this or a starting point. something like

using (ClientContext ctx = SomeClass.GetContext(targetSiteUrl, username, password))
    if (ctx != null)

I have seen this blog post Automatic Login for SharePoint using Claims authentication but the code on the site doesn't appear to be complete / I cannot get it working

Just to note that I am referring to the current release of office 365 (based on 2010) and not the newly available beta of 2013


so, are you wanting to allow a user to access something without them being a registered user in SharePoint? if so, you may want to look into elevating the current users privileges in code.

  • That is not quite what i'm trying to do. I don't think you can elevate code via the Client side object model. I still need a way of getting the initial clientContext object – Buzzby Sep 4 '12 at 15:26

Can confirm that this post here has the answer. ou use the MSOnlineHelper class to do the headless authentication


Use the SharePointOnlineCredentials class to instantiate clientContext.Credentials.

The SharePointOnlineCredentials class represents an object that provides credentials to access SharePoint Online resources.

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