I'm building web application based on PHP. (But my question is not related with PHP at all. I need something for all my projects, not only web.)

I'm doing fixes, changes to this application everyday. What I need is, something like versioning system that automatically gives build version number to project and asks me to note changes. What can use for this purpose?

I have no git server and it's not public project so I can use something like gitHub.

Specs of my computer:

Editor: Sublime (can use netbeans too if there is any solution for my need)

OS: Windows 8


You are on the right track. You need to use a VCS (Version Control System) such as Git, SVN, or Mercurial. I prefer Git (but use SVN at work). You don't have to have Git projects be public...you can host your own repository locally, set it up using DropBox, or use something like BitBucket.

There are two major types of version control: Distributed and Centralized. The difference is explained well here: Comparison between Centralized and Distributed Version Control Systems

The "ask me to note changes" is called a commit and occurs when you want to take a "snapshot" of your code and assign it a unique identifier (i.e. version number). The way some systems, such as Git, handle "version numbers" is a hash identifier which doesn't translate well like v.2.3.45. You have some options though using tags for version releases and can use a script to generate a revision number. Read more here: what is the git equivalent for revision number?

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    Most IDEs will have modules that integrate version control into the IDE environment. I use Eclipse with EGit, and quite like it. – Kevin Bray Sep 4 '12 at 17:44
  • If you have time, Can you help me to do this with netbeans and dropbox? I need help really. I can provide teamviewer id and pass so you can remotely help – heron Sep 4 '12 at 17:47
  • @epic_syntax Sorry, I'm not able to at the moment. I'd suggest seeing if anybody in the chat can help: chat.stackoverflow.com – Jeremy Harris Sep 4 '12 at 17:49

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