I am programming a CGI script using c++ where I get post-data from client If I have post-data like this


what are the steps to parse options where I will put each pair in map object in c++?

I have thought of splitting values by '&' into vector array then splitting each entry in the vector array by '=' and put them in map object, what do you think? Also I want to know what can I do to deal with malformed post-data.

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You have the first two steps correct. Separate the name/value pairs at the & and separate the name from the value at the =. But then you have to URL decode the name and URL decode the value before inserting them into the map.

For example, a + in the name or the value should be changed to a space. A %2B should be replaced with a space. A %3D with an equals sign.

As for malformed post data, it will really depend on your application what you consider malformed. You probably should check for an ambiguous value like x=2=3. Is the value 2=3 or 3? And you can check for a missing name, like =3 or just 3.

But the rest is up to the specifics of what's legal in your particular application.

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