How to import certadm.dll into managed project and use RevokeCertificate method? I tried adding it as reference but I got error asying it's not assembly or COM object.

Any ideas?

UPDATE: I already tried regsvr32 c:\certadm.dll and I get following error: LoadLibrary("c:\certadm.dll") failed - the specified procedure could not be found.

  • You might want to have a look at the version of certadm.dll that you're trying to register. You can use DLL Export Viewer (nirsoft.net/utils/dll_export_viewer.html) to check that the requisite COM load/unload procedures are there.
    – Eric Smith
    Aug 5 '09 at 9:58

I know this is very old question, but i cannot find any example of using ICertAdmin2::RevokeCertificate in c#. I think it is usefull to write exaple here.

1 Add certadmin lib

enter image description here

2 Use this code

public static void RevokeCert(string connection,string serial)
    //connection= "\\My-CA"
    //serial = "614870cd000000000014"

    const int CRL_REASON_UNSPECIFIED = 0;

    CERTADMINLib.CCertAdmin _admin = null;
        _admin = new CCertAdmin();
        _admin.RevokeCertificate(connection, serial, CRL_REASON_UNSPECIFIED, DateTime.Now);
        if (_admin != null)

You first need to register the COM server using regsvr32 before it will be available to be added as a reference in Visual Studio.


regsvr32 certadm.dll

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