In my PHP Guzzle client code, I have something like

$c = new Client('http://test.com/api/1.0/function');

$request = $c->get('?f=4&l=2&p=3&u=5');

but instead I want to have something like:

$request->set('f', 4);
$request->set('l', 2);
$request->set('p', 3);
$request->set('u', 5);

Is it possible in Guzzle? From the documentation and random googling it would seem it is, but I can't find exactly how.


You can:

$c = new Client('http://test.com/api/1.0/function');

$request = $c->get();

$q = $request->getQuery();

$q->set('f', 4);
$q->set('l', 2);
$q->set('p', 3);
$q->set('u', 5);

Guzzle 6 - you could use query option param

// Send a GET request to /get?foo=bar
$client->request('GET', '/get', ['query' => ['foo' => 'bar']]);


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