I am creating a mobile guest list for a party that I'm having in a few months. All of the invites that I am handing out will have a custom QR Code on them, embedding their first and last name. When they get to the party, they check in with me, I scan their QR Code and throw them into a database.

I have the core elements working where the custom QR Code with the embedded query strings for first and last names pre-populate a set of text inputs for the first and last names, you fill in some other information, click submit and BANG, you're in the database.

I would like to add some extra functionality that checks the database that someone has already checked in, to prevent party crashers.

What code would I need to write to allow, onWindowLoad, the first and last name query strings to be checked against the database to see if entries containing those already exist?

Thanks in advance

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    Just do an AJAX call with a select... SELECT * FROM people where f_name = "$first_input" AND l_name = "$last_input"; If you return results... let them know. – wesside Sep 5 '12 at 15:06
  • @wes How would I word the Ajax Call? type: "GET", url: "guestlist.php", data: dataString? – Murphy1976 Sep 5 '12 at 18:43

Ajax call with a select. Make it easy on yourself, use jQuery. Here are some examples:

Ajax Examples with jQuery

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