I want to link to a specific slide in an online PowerPoint file, (e.g. http://www.example.com/hello.ppt) but what I want is that when people click on my link, it goes straight to the nth slide.

Is this possible?


Link to


for slide 4 to be opened initially.

Take a look at this site: http://www.tinyempire.com/shortnotes/files/specific_slide_in_ppt.htm

  • Does this still work? I can't get this to work with OneDrive. – Alex Jan 8 '16 at 10:10

Also, if you want a link to the nth slide within the same file (to automate the 'Edit Hyperlink' > 'Place in This Document' action) then omit the filename and only set it to "#n".


I found the answer. all you have to do is add #n after .ppt.

For example, http://www.whatever.com/hello.ppt#4 will take you straight to the 4th slide.


The following method applies to any online version of PowerPoint (e.g. Office 365).

  1. Open the powerpoint file in your browser (the link could look like this: http://YourCompany.sharepoint.com/:p:/r/sites/SiteName/...)
  2. In the thumbnails list (on the left), right-click on the slide you want to refer to and choose "link to this slide" (free translation, my version is in Dutch "Koppeling naar deze dia")
  3. In the pop-up screen, you can choose to share a read-only or an editable version

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