the boundary of segmentation

just as the picture above shows ,I have get the boundarys of one image after segmentaion . But I just get the logical boudarys and I want to label each region that splited by segmentaion. function bwlabel doesn't work ,It can only label connected region. so ,how can I label these two hundred regions ???

  • Does inverting then bwlabel work? – 0xFE Sep 6 '12 at 2:34

If your original image is called img and your current bw segmented image is called I, I would suggest:

I = (I==0); % invert the image
cc = bwconncomp(I,8); % could use 4-connected neighborhood also
s = regionprops(cc,img,'all');

The last line will provide all the available properties from the original image for each segmented region (if you want it). You could use bwlabel as you mentioned, but I think bwconncomp may be faster/more efficient.

An alternative to bwlabel for labeling is:

L = labelmatrix(cc);

Then I like using label2rgb to view the segments:

RGB_label = label2rgb(L, @jet, 'k', 'shuffle');

This will randomly color each segment according to the colormap provided (jet, in this case).

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