For a Resource Post,
How to handle following scenario.

GET /posts returns array with summary only (i.e. title, commentCount)
but GET /post/:id returns full object. (i.e. title, content, comments:[comment1, comment2] )

when app is loaded list of posts is visible on screen, I am calling App.Post.find() for fetching all Posts.
And when a item is clicked, if I try loading using App.Post.find(1), It returns cached data item. One way is forcefully load complete Post from server.

Found relevant issue: https://github.com/emberjs/data/issues/51
I understand that its not semantically correct way to support REST.
But another usecase: Record may has been updated on server, I want to refresh it, how to do that?


You can use a model's .reload() method to re-fetch it from the adapter. So in your route where you're getting stale data, instead of returning this.store.find('post', 1), return this.store.find('post', 1).reload().


https://github.com/BookingSync/ember-data-partial-model was made to address this exact issue.

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