I've created a Microsoft Word Office 2010 VSTO add-in and am looking for a way to programmatically remove a specific group from the ribbon when the add-in launches. At a later stage users should be able to re-add this group using Customize Ribbon functionality in Word:

enter image description here

There is functionality to toggle the visibility of a group but if I do this attempts to make the group visible again using Customize Ribbon fail:

groupName.Visible = false;

I've searched quite a bit on this topic but can't find anything helpful with regards to removing ribbon groups, any advice would be great!


It appears that adding and removing groups in VSTO add-ins is reserved for inner workings of Microsoft Word. More info on this topic can be found here

The only solution close to what I'm lookin for is to have a control on the ribbon(toggle button or checkbox) which set's the visibility of the group

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