I have integrated CKEditor into my website CMS. The Preview button works but I cannot get it to use stylesheets (CSS). I have edited the preview.html located in:


But it doesn't seem to listen to any of the html I wrap around the code that pulls the content from the WYSIWYG editor.

As I understand this bit of code:


var doc = document;
doc.write( window.opener._cke_htmlToLoad );

delete window.opener._cke_htmlToLoad;


Pulls in whatever is in the editor, so I should be able to wrap around that html to include elements that will be available for every page? And links to stylesheets?

Anyone ever done this? Is it possible?

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The "window.opener._cke_htmlToLoad" seems to be a string (containing a complete html document).

To get the innerHtml of the <body></body>, you can use this regex:

var doc = window.opener._cke_htmlToLoad; // is string
var innerBody = ( doc.replace(/((?:.(?!<\s*body[^>]*>))+.<\s*body[^>]*>)|(<\s*\/\s*body\s*\>.+)/g,'') );
document.getElementById('insertIntoMe').innerHTML = innerBody;

From my testing this seems only to work in Firefox. But Chrome and Internet Explorer directly display the window document without allowing any changes. So maybe somebody else can provide a better solution?

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