I'm writing an audio streaming app that buffers AAC file chunks, decodes those chunks to PCM byte arrays, and writes the PCM audio data to AudioTrack. Occasionally, I get the following error when I try to either skip to a different song, call AudioTrack.pause(), or AudioTrack.flush():

obtainbuffer timed out -- is cpu pegged?

And then what happens is that a split second of audio continues to play. I've tried reading a set of AAC files from the sdcard and got the same result. The behavior I'm expecting is that the audio stops immediately. Does anyone know why this happens? I wonder if its an Audio latency issue with Android 2.3.

edit: The AAC audio contains an ADTS Header. The header + audio payload constitute what I'm calling ADTSFrame. These are fed to the decoder one frame at a time. The resulting PCM byte array that gets returned from the C layer to the Java Layer gets fed to Android's AudioTrack API.

edit 2: I got my nexus 7 (Android 4.1 OS) today. Loaded the same APP onto the device. Didn't have any of these problems at all.


it is highly possible about sample rate. one of your devices might be supporting the sample rate u used while the other could not. Please check it. I had the same issue, it was about sample rate. use 44.1kHz (44100) and try again please.

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