How can I monitor instant messages received on gtalk using .NET? Basically, I need to run a program upon receiving the arguments as instant message from a particular google id and pass the result back to the sender. Is it possible to do it?

EDIT: I can have gtalk running on both machines (sort of client and server).

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GTalk uses the XMPP protocol under the hood and there are a few libraries around in .NET for XMPP.

There is also an article here that gives you examples using one such library (agsXMPP) to do auto-replies on GTalk.

  • Yeah thanks for the link! agsXMPP needs some documentation :D Jan 12, 2011 at 21:16

try with this link This says that how to do Automatic reply .Hope this will help you to the next level of your work.It is coordinated with XMPP server .This is only for gtalk .Not for yahoo


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