I am trying to extract the zip code from an address string but it contains newline \n characters. May I ask how to remove it from a selenium stored var? I have tried to use storeEval | "${Addrsss}".replace("\n", "") | Address. But, selenium ide will return the error Threw an exception: unterminated string literal

Here is the address: ${Address} = "100 RILEY DR\n AVONDALE,\n ARIZONA\n 85323-2004"

Try this sequence of escape>replace>unescape as a workaround to remove the new line character:

  1. Escape the value,
  2. Replace the escaped new line character (%0A) with blank (''),
  3. Unescape back to the original value,

storeEval | unescape(escape(storedVars['has_nl']).replace(/%0A/g,'')) | no_nl

This new line character appears to have come from HTML break tag (<br />) that is rendered by the browser-Selenium-IDE combination, then extracted by Selenium IDE as new line character (\\n).

  • this worked for me excellently, just in replace I have as an secon argument a comma space .replace(/%0A/g,', ') – Dee Dec 29 '15 at 15:30

Possible approach: 1) find proper css (or xPath) locator of the element (address) 2) then get contents ( text) from element using

String cssSelecotr=..blablabla..
//1st way
String myAddress=driver.findELement(by.cssSelector(cssSelector)).getText();
//2nd way, using js executor
JavascriptExecutor js = (JavascriptExecutor) driver;
        StringBuilder stringBuilder = new StringBuilder();

stringBuilder.append("var x = $(\""+cssSelecotr+"\");");
        stringBuilder.append("return x.text().toString();")       ;

       String myAddress= (String) js.executeScript(stringBuilder.toString());

3) then you can apply regExp ( all visible symbols) for yourAdress

 //  myAddress ="100 RILEY DR\n AVONDALE,\n ARIZONA\n 85323-2004";

         String myAdressEdited = myAddress.replaceAll("[^\\x20-\\x7E]+","");

Hope this helps

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