I am building one app which can pick videos from our channel and list and play from within the application.
I have done all the json parsing and have everything ready but the only problem is that I am not able to play the rtsp videos coming from the Youtube API.
I have read that it is possible to play rtsp videos using the MediaElement control but its not working, my sample XAML code is as below.

<MediaElement Width="500" Height="500" AutoPlay="True" Source="rtsp://v6.cache5.c.youtube.com/CiQLENy73wIaGwkNCW3rSEjLahMYDSANFEgGUghzdGFuZGFyZAw=/0/0/0/video.3gp"/>

I have also looked at Player Framework for Windows 8 Metro Style Applications and Smooth Streaming Client SDK

Using these I am able to play a direct video stored in the server(http://localhost/video.mp4), but not videos streamed via rtsp. Please help. I want mainly youtube videos via rtsp to be played
I have searched a lot but not finding any solution, please help.

The rtsp stream is also working I have tried playing via VLC, its playing there.
OS: Windows 8 Release Preview w/ VS 2012 Express for Windows 8

  • Have you tried the RTM version instead of the RP? – JP Alioto Sep 9 '12 at 1:22

I'm pretty sure there's more to playing YouTube videos than just the RTSP protocol. Your example shows a file of type .3gp, which is traditionally treated as QuickTime and not playable by MediaElement. MediaElement can, however, play MP4s and with a codec installed and a custom DirectShow graph it's even able to play FLVs. There's even a sample WPF YouTube player discussed here and it looks like the source is still available for download.

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