I have a project developed in php in my Mac Book Pro.

I had never had problems with the Apache server. It always worked fine. It just started normally anytime I switch on the computer.

But now, something has happened that It is not starting normally. Probably due to something I did wrong.

I was following this manual http://www.noppanit.com/apache-enable-mod_rewrite-on-macosx/. Just to turn on the mod_rewrite module.

When I followed this point: Second go to /private/etc/apache2/user/your-username.conf Change AllowOverride None to AllowOverride all, I tried to restart the Apache (Share Web) in System preferences, but it just didn't work at all. I click on the Share Web check, but it is not starting.

Any ideas?

Where can I check any log to see what happens?

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I'm sorry. It was just me. For some reason, the httpd.conf file had been corrupted and some extra special character had been included at the end causing Apache not to be able to start.

All solved.

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