I have stored the default font type and size of my application in a CSS file which I apply using the code:


However I also added the feature that if the user provides its own preference, it should override the default settings (set above) and use the user provided font size:

double userSize = readFromFile;
label.setFont(new Font(userSize));

In this case the label.setFont() call does not set the new size given by user. When I comment out the initial CSS code, the later works.

Any workaround?

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It's by design. For architectural reasons chain of overrides for css works as follows:

default caspian.css < API settings < user's Scene css < user's Parent css < setStyle()

Here is the quote from css reference guide:

The JavaFX CSS implementation applies the following order of precedence; a style from a user agent style sheet has lower priority than a value set from code, which has lower priority than a Scene or Parent style sheet. Inline styles have highest precedence. Style sheets from a Parent instance are considered to be more specific than those styles from Scene style sheets.

Thus, you can achieve your goal by using setStyle() instead of an API call. Try to run the next example:

public void start(Stage stage) {
    VBox root = new VBox(10);

    Scene scene = new Scene(root, 300, 250);
    // font.css: .labelStyleClass { -fx-font-size: 20 }


    Label lblApi = LabelBuilder.create().text("font-css-api (doesn't work)").styleClass("labelStyleClass").build();
    lblApi.setFont(Font.font(lblApi.getFont().getFamily(), 40));

    Label lblStyle = LabelBuilder.create().text("font-css-setstyle (work)").styleClass("labelStyleClass").build();

    stage.setTitle("Hello World!");
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    Thanks this worked ! Initially I was trying to override -fx-font: 14 "arial"; with setStyle(-fx-font-size: 28;) which did not work. But when I put the font size and style in separate lines like -fx-font-family: serif; -fx-font-size: 14; in the css and tried to override by setStyle(-fx-font-size: 28;) it worked. – Neil Sep 9 '12 at 14:48

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