I need to pass the JSON parsed map into some method which has following signature:

QUEUE.sendMsg(Map<String, String> data);

Unfortunately, I have no control on above method, and Jackson gives me parsed JSON in Map<String, Object>.

I need a Map<String, String> where

  1. for the primitive JSON types, instead of Integer, Long, Boolean, I want its toString() converted value.
  2. for the complicated JSON types such as List/Map, store the result in native JSON format in String.

For example, if the JSON input is

  "name" = "John",
  "marked" = false,
  "age" = 30,
  "tags" = [ "work", "personal" ],
  "meta" = { "k1" : "v1", "k2" : "v2" },

I want a Map<String, String> which has

map.get("name") returns "John",
map.get("marked") returns "false",
map.get("age") returns "30",
map.get("tags") returns "[ \"work\", \"personal\" ]",
map.get("meta") returns "{ \"k1\" : \"v1\", \"k2\" : \"v2\" }"

Is there any way to achieve this goal?

Unfortunately, I'm almost new to Java, and has no prior knowledge of Jackson (I have to use Jackson for this solution).

Thank you.

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    Why would you like to return whole JSON object as string (keys tags, meta) ? – Marek Sebera Sep 9 '12 at 7:56

Yes, implicit conversions should work as long as you make sure you pass FULL type information. So something like:

Map<String,String> map = mapper.readValue(jsonSource, new TypeReference<Map<String,String>>() { });

Something like this should work...

final Map<String, Object> input = ...;
final Map<String, String> output = new Map<>(input.size());
final StringWriter writer = new StringWriter();
final StringBuffer buf = writer.getBuffer();
for (final Map.Entry<String, Object> entry : input.entrySet()) {
  try (final JsonGenerator gen = JsonFactory.createJsonGenerator(writer)) {
  output.put(entry.getKey(), buf.toString());

I think you are looking for keyAs. Please have a look at Jackson Documentation for more details

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