Is there a buildin method or property in Yii to check if page is homepage?

I know i can use something like this:

$controller = Yii::app()->getController();
$isHome = $controller->getAction()->getId() === 'index' ? true : false;

Or put it in a method in main controller, but i am looking for something cleaner.



If You want to check the current page, ie action is the default of the current controller..

$controller = Yii::app()->getController();
$isHome = $controller->action->id === $controller->defaultAction->id ? true : false;

dafeultaction may not always be 'index', it can be changed, so you need to compare it with defaultAction instead..

And by homepage if you mean the defult page of site, then you need to compare your controller also with defaultController..

$controller = Yii::app()->getController();
$default_controller = Yii::app()->defaultController;
$isHome = (($controller->id === $default_controller->id) && ($controller->action->id === $controller->defaultAction->id)) ? true : false;

In Yii2:

$controller = Yii::$app->controller;
$default_controller = Yii::$app->defaultRoute;
$isHome = (($controller->id === $default_controller) && ($controller->action->id === $controller->defaultAction)) ? true : false;
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    In my case, the code is: $controller = Yii::app()->getController(); $isHome = $controller->action->id === $controller->defaultAction ? true : false;
    – Meetai.com
    Dec 28 '13 at 6:40

This is what I use to check if I'm on the frontpage:

$isFrontpage = false;
if ((Yii::app()->controller->getId().'/'.Yii::app()->controller->getAction()->getId()) == 'site/index'  ) { 
    $isFrontpage = true;

Works like a charm.... even on views...


May be this help you:)

  $controllerl = Yii::$app->controller;
  $homecheker = $controllerl->id.'/'.$controllerl->action->id;
     //no border on home page
     $mymaincls ='main-nav navbar-fixed-top';
     //border all other page
     $mymaincls ='main-nav navbar-fixed-top header-border';

if by 'homepage' you mean 'frontpage' then you can check this extension that does exactly this.


you could check the homepage using the extension pageChecker:

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    Oct 4 '12 at 11:49

you can compare the current controller and action with the default controller and action.

$controller = Yii::app()->getController();

$default_controller = Yii::app()->defaultController;

$isHome = $controller->getId() === $default_controller && $controller->getAction()->getId() === 'index';

i couldn't access default action via Yii::app() like Yii::app()->defaultController. however you use string to compare.




do as per your logic if check_home is true or false

i am removing my sidebars on home page

  • //in YII2 //this will work //this will check if home page or not Jan 19 '15 at 6:37
if(Url::current() == '/index.php?r=site%2Findex' || Url::current() == Url::home()){
namespace common\helpers;

class Url extends \yii\helpers\Url
    public static function isHome()
        return (self::home() == Yii::$app->request->url);
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