I'm using tortoise svn 1.6.16 on a Windows 7 machine, and getting an error on commit, as below:

Error: Commit failed (details follow):  
Error: At least one property change failed; repository is unchanged  
Error: Invalid PROPPATCH property  

A previous question asked here indicated that this was due to quotes in the commit message, but that is not my issue.

I've tried re-installing svn, and have also tried making my changes a second time on a clean checkout of my project. The error still persists though.

Can anyone recommend a way to access the invalid PROPPATCH property and fix it? Or is there a known workaround to get me over this hump? Any info much appreciated.

  • Resolved this by using the svn protocol when working with local repositories, and, ultimately, moving away from svn and using git! – PaddyC Nov 16 '12 at 16:18

To elaborate on @Sergey Bodrov's answer, it may be that your repository is using Git, and not supporting the "ignore" property. This was what fixed it for me: Right-click on the working copy root folder, select Tortoise SVN > Properties, remove the "svn:ignore" property and then commit works fine.

  • Thanks. this really helped me – Benvorth Dec 7 '15 at 16:57
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    To add to this answer: it seems that GitHub now supports svn:ignore through it's SVN bridge. I, however, received this error after "recursively" ignoring some file in TortoiseSVN, which uses the client property svn:global-ignores. ("The big difference here is that the global ignore list is a client property." tortoisesvn.net/docs/release/TortoiseSVN_en/…). I don't know why TortoiseSVN tries to commit this to the server, but it seems to try to do just that. Solution: as above with svn:global-ignores. – bers May 23 '17 at 11:00
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    @bers "svn:global-ignores" is a versioned SVN property introduced in 1.8, "global-ignores" is the client-only pendent: svnbook.red-bean.com/en/1.8/… – Thorsten Schöning Aug 28 '17 at 10:01
  • @ThorstenSchöning: thanks, that explains why TortoiseSVN (tries to) commit this to the SVN server, which failed with GitHub in May. I have not tested it since, it might just work now. – bers Aug 28 '17 at 11:20
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    @bers It doesn't, had the same problem today an it'd documented: "GitHub doesn't currently support svn:externals, svn:global-ignores, or any properties not listed above, including custom properties." help.github.com/articles/… – Thorsten Schöning Aug 28 '17 at 12:11

Your SVN server not support some properties for directories (ignored files list, for example).

  • exclude (uncheck) directory from commit list and don't set directory properties
  • or use another SVN server

To elaborate even more on all the answers (that led me to the solution, thanks a lot), in my case I did not know witch property was set, so I used the command line to list the properties:

svn proplist * --recursive

So, I saw the name of the property and removed it:

svn propdel svn:global-ignores --recursive

Solving the issue:

  • Find and browse to the folder that causes the error and check his properties (or these of the superfolders) - see here

Navigate to the Properties of the respective folder

  • Remove the svn:global-ignores (you can edit the "normal" ignores to still match your needs)

resolving the problem by removing svn:global-ignores

Reproducing the error can be done like this:

  • Try to (globally/recursively) add an item to the git ignore list as shown in the figure

Adding to git ignore with TortoiseSVN

  • Click on OK and have a server that does not support this duch as github.com

  • you get the error described by the OP

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