I am working on my first implementation of a jqGrid. I am using the standard add/edit buttons that appear in the navGrid but am having problems identifying how process the server response when I click Submit in the edit/add forms.

{afterShowForm:afterShowEdit}, {afterShowForm:afterShowAdd} );

Is there a standard callback or event parameter I am missing somewhere regarding this? Is there a way to define how saveRow is called or is there a default success/error callback method I can implement?

Any direction would be much appreciated!!!

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There appears to be a couple event parameters that I failed to completely read and comprehend...

API --> http://www.trirand.com/jqgridwiki/doku.php?id=wiki:form_editing#editgridrow

using the event parameters for afterSubmit and afterComplete allow me to process the server response and update the form.


EDIT Here is an example of the code used...

            closeAfterAdd: true,
            closeAfterEdit: true
            closeAfterAdd: true,
            closeAfterEdit: true
function afterShowEdit(formId) {

            //do stuff after the form is rendered
        function afterShowAdd(formId) {

            //do stuff after the form is rendered
        function processAddEdit(response, postdata) {
            var success = true;
            var message = ""
            var json = eval('(' + response.responseText + ')');
            if(json.errors) {
                success = false;
                for(i=0; i < json.errors.length; i++) {
                    message += json.errors[i] + '<br/>';
            var new_id = "1";
            return [success,message,new_id];

There are a few ways I have seen to do this:

        url: host,
        datatype: "xml", 
        mtype: "GET", // Handy to see the params passed.
        height: 200,
        width: 500,
        gridComplete: function() {
          var ids = jQuery("#search_results").getDataIDs();
          if (ids.length Empty Result

'); } else { $('#jqgrid_error').hide(); } }, loadError: function(xhr,st,err) { jQuery("#jqgrid_error").html("Type: "+ st +"; Response: "+ xhr.status + " "+xhr.statusText+'

'); } }).navGrid('#search_results_pager', {edit:true,add:false,del:false,search:true}, { afterComplete:processed, // processed is a function you define closeAfterEdit: true, reloadAfterSubmit:true } );

From the documentation:

afterComplete This event fires immediately after all actions and events are completed  and the row is inserted or updated in the grid. afterComplete(serverResponse, postdata, formid) where

  • response is the data returned from the server (if any)
  • postdata an array, is the data sent to the server  
  • formid is the id of the form  

gridComplete This fires after all the data is loaded into the grid and all other  processes are complete.

loadError xhr,st,err A function to be called if the request fails. The function gets passed  three arguments: The XMLHttpRequest object (XHR), a string  describing the type of error (st) that occurred and an optional  exception object (err), if one occurred.

There is a handy/helpful PDF documents (a little dated): http://www.scribd.com/doc/17094846/jqGrid.


You could try this:

        odata : ['equal', 'not equal', 'less', 'less or equal','greater','greater or equal', 'begins with','does not begin with','is in','is not in','ends with','does not end with','like','does not contain'],        

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