We are trying to get quaqua out of our application. We had been using a call to quaqua to set the font size to be smaller with a call like this:

System.setProperty("Quaqua.sizeStyle", "small");

Is there an easy to do the same sort of thing without using quaqua? Or does anyone know another good look and feel for OS X?


I also had an almost similar challenge, setting all font to a specific font. The code below will change the font size for all *.font properties in UIManager to a particular size

private static void setFontSize() {
    int fontSize = 12;
    Hashtable defaults = UIManager.getDefaults();
    Enumeration keys = defaults.keys();
    while (keys.hasMoreElements()) {
        Object key = keys.nextElement();

        if ((key instanceof String) && (((String) key).endsWith(".font"))) {
            FontUIResource font = (FontUIResource) UIManager.get(key);
            defaults.put (key, new FontUIResource(font.getFontName(), font.getStyle(), fontSize));

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