How do I make the UIImage in Mainstoryboard turn to retina (I have two files for the image, I selected the retina image in UIImage setting). When I Launch my app it still not retina? Sorry if the question doesn't make sense.

Edit: Xcode does automatically set your Image to retina if you call your retina Image YourImageName@2x.


Actually you dont need to worry about retina images... Consider you have an image named image.png. You can use same image "image.png" in your image view. Now based on your device content scale it will pick normal image i.e, image.png or retina image i.e., image@2x. Content scale is 2 for iphone 4 and above, Others will use non-retina images.


You dont need to set retina image, just name them as image.png and image@2x.png and set image.png as image in UIImageView, it automatically detects device and takes them accordingly.

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