I am using Spring WebFlow

I need to check if i have at least 15 collections of type Practices, if not I can't transite to the next flow.

my register-flow:

<view-state id="practices" view="RegisterPractices" model="labs">
        <transition on="add" to="createNewPractice"></transition>
        <transition on="next" to="items" validate="true"></transition>
        <transition on="back" validate="false" to="owners"></transition>
<subflow-state id="createNewPractice" subflow="addPractice">
        <output name="practica" />      
        <transition on="practiceAdded" to="practices">
            <evaluate expression="labs.addPractice(currentEvent.attributes.practice)"></evaluate>
        <transition on="practiceCancel" to="practices"></transition>

The jsp practices:

    <table class="standard-table" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
            <c:forEach items="${ labs.practices }" var="practice">
                <td>${ practice.practice}</td>
                <td><c:choose><c:when test="${ practice.realize == 1}">Realize</c:when><c:otherwise>Deriva</c:otherwise></c:choose></td>
        <a href="${flowExecutionUrl}&_eventId=add">Add a New Practice</a>
            <a href="${flowExecutionUrl}&_eventId=next">Back</a>
        <a href="${flowExecutionUrl}&_eventId=back">Next</a>

the View-State practices is just a jsp with a list of practices Added.

I have tried with a customValidator but I cant handle the MessageBuilder.source() because I don't have any object in that view.

I have tried too with decision-state but with that I can't show a message like "You have to select at least 15 practices to continue"

  • why can't you do new MessageBuilder().error().source("practices") in your custom validator on the labs model? – marco.eig Sep 11 '12 at 13:04
  • because I think I can not indicate a source if I have a field in that view-state (jsp). – grteibo Sep 11 '12 at 13:12

so this custom validator won't work?

public class LabsValidator {

    public void validatePractices(final Labs labs,final ValidationContext context) {
        if(labs.getPractices().size() < 15) {
            context.getMessageContext().addMessage(new MessageBuilder().error().code("labs.practices.min15").build());

  • work perfect, I was having problems catching messages. Thank you – grteibo Sep 11 '12 at 13:23

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