What is the best editor for Autohotkey with regards to syntax hightlighting, command completion (intellisense), testing etc.

I am doing a bit of Autohotkey programming, and being spoiled rotten by Visual Studio, I really miss these features - especially being new to the language/framework.

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The best editor to get started with would be SciTE4AutoHotkey

http://fincs.ahk4.net/scite4ahk/ enter image description here

SciTE4AutoHotkey is a lightweight and easy to use SciTE-based AutoHotkey script editor. It provides:

Syntax highlighting
Calltips (also known as IntelliSense)
AutoHotkey help integration
Editing macros
Interactive debugging
Tools for AutoHotkey scripting
Powerful extension mechanisms

To search for different types of scripts that you could use...

Go to the Sticky: Catalogue of scripts and Rosetta Code challenges at the Scripts & Functions section of the AutoHotkey forum.

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    I've tried every other solution, and Scite4Autohotkey blows away everything else. It also has the best debugger for this language. – Joe Coder Nov 28 '15 at 5:22
  • Website doesn't work any more. I found the source code but the build instructions reference a file that doesn't exist - big surprise there. – Luke Aug 18 '16 at 16:08
  • Yes, fincs.ahk4.net/scite4ahk is not working.. something happened recentlly. – PAS Aug 18 '16 at 18:34
  • When debugging with Scite4Autohotkey, is it possible to test a standalone function? (I.E. Call a specific function with arguments) – Stevoisiak Sep 29 '17 at 18:52
  • Site is up and running as of 2018-04-03 :) – Kjensen Apr 3 '18 at 8:15

I have just discovered that the free editor Notepad++ has an AutoIt syntax highlighting mode that seems to support AutoHotKey syntax.

To use it, I just opened my .ahk file in Notepad++, then selected Language->A->AutoIt.

  • notepad++ is a great universal programming editor for most languages including ahk – panofish Oct 10 '11 at 21:05
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    For an automatic file association for *.AHK file, you could do this: allthingsmarked.com/2009/07/29/… – Joe DF May 4 '12 at 3:42
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    Alternatively there is syntax highlighting and auto completion for N++ that are written on AHK forum – Greck May 10 '13 at 7:37

I'm using PsPad 4.5.3 (freeware), it supports AutoHotkey syntax highlighting, command completion, etc. The only feature I missed is code-folding, but for AutoHotkey scripts it doesn't seems to be a big problem.


Switched from PsPad to Sublimetext, a powerful editor with a lot of features (minimalist interface, multiple selection, mini-map, scriptable with Python, TextMate compatibility for highlighters and themes, etc)


Steep learning curve but Emacs has an AHK mode.


Also SciTE, but I am a bit partial about this one... :)


I vote SciTE4AutoHotkey. It's the closest thing to an actual IDE for Autohotkey.


Use Sublime Text , it's the most powerful thing in the world.
Plus, if you want you can try my Sublime 4 Autohotkey patch which makes Sublime Text more suitable for Autohotkey coding.


Scite4AutoHotkey is no doubt the best one ranging from beginners to quite advanced users. Once you want to go more advanced, you might want to move to some other kind of IDE, but for an editor, Scite is best.


There is an addon for VIM that does syntax highlighting for autohotkey.


Switched from PsPad to Sublimetext, a powerful editor with a lot of features (minimalist interface, multiple selection, mini-map, scriptable with Python, TextMate compatibility for highlighters and themes, etc)

  • Switched from SciTE4AutoHotkey to notepad++ (with extensions) to VisualStudio node to AHK-Studio with Syntax Highlighting, Syntax Suggestions, Plugin Support – SL5net Sep 25 '18 at 10:41

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