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I am trying to take the image of a map and am trying to draw red, white, and blue lines on top of the image. I am able to import the map image and draw lines, but the lines print out as black, instead of their specified colors. If I remove the imagecreatefrompng part the lines appear with the proper colors.

map.png is a local copy of: this Image

Here is my code that is causing issues.


$img=imagecreate(800, 495);


$img = imagecreatefrompng('map.png');


return (imagepng($img));

I greatly appreciate any help that could be provided to get the colors to show up properly.

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I moved your line:

$img = imagecreatefrompng('map.png');

up to right below:

$img=imagecreate(800, 495);

and it worked for me.

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