I have a checkbox that is not a "real" checkbox. The CSS looks like:

<li id="privileges:1" class="ui-tree-parent default" data-rowkey="1">
   <div class="ui-tree-node ui-state-default" aria-checked="true" aria-selected="true" aria-expanded="true" role="treeitem">
      <span class="ui-helper-clearfix ui-tree-node-content ui-corner-all ui-tree-selectable-node">
         <span class="ui-tree-icon ui-icon ui-icon-triangle-1-s"></span>
         <div class="ui-tree-checkbox ui-widget">
            <div class="ui-tree-checkbox-box ui-widget ui-corner-all ui-state-default">
               <span class="ui-tree-checkbox-icon ui-icon ui-icon-check"></span>

The last span appears when the checkbox is checked.

My coworker had the following code which after review appears to be black magic and shouldn't validate anything:

WebElement checkedBox = findElementByXpath("//li[@id='privileges:1']/div[@aria-checked='true']/span/div/div");
Boolean isChecked;
isChecked = checkedBox.findElement(By.xpath("//li[@id='privileges:1']/div[@aria-checked='true']/span/div/div")).isSelected();

What is the best way to validate the checkbox is checked using Selenium2/Webdriver?

This does not work:

WebElement checkedBox = findElementByClass("//li[@id='privileges:1']/div/span/div/div/span[@class='ui-tree-checkbox-icon.ui-icon.ui-icon-check']");

Nor does:

WebElement checkedBox = findElementByClass("//li[@id='privileges:1']/div/span/div/div/span[@class='ui-tree-checkbox-icon.ui-icon.ui-icon-check']");

You have period/fullstops where the spaces should be in the XPath.

The period/fullstop will only work in CSS selector. Also you seem to be using the By ClassName function and passing in an XPath query. I'll assume this was just a typo.

This is what you have:


It should be:

//li[@id='privileges:1']/div/span/div/div/span[@class='ui-tree-checkbox-icon ui-icon ui-icon-check']

Tip in case you didn't know: If you open Chrome Developer tools, go directly to the Console, type in:


You'll see it returns nothing.

Do the same with this:

$x("//li[@id='privileges:1']/div/span/div/div/span[@class='ui-tree-checkbox-icon ui-icon ui-icon-check']")

It'll return something. Both Firebug and Chrome Developer tools can be used to execute CSS and XPath selectors. So you can see if the issue is with Selenium or the selector you are using.

  • Thanks, the . was the problem...can't believe I overlooked that. – squeemish Sep 13 '12 at 14:28

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