I am looking for a marching ants border or line in Morphic:

Marching Ants sample

Wikipedia describes a possbile algorithm:

The easiest way to achieve this animation is by drawing the selection using a pen pattern that contains diagonal lines. If the selection outline is only one pixel thick, the slices out of the pattern will then look like a dashed line, and the animation can easily be achieved by simply shifting the pattern one pixel sideways and redrawing the outline.

As there is probably none readymade, has anybody a hint for me how to create such a border or line?

(The marching ants pattern as a GIF animation is licensed under CC by Uli Kusterer)


Actually, Morphic does have it:

    vertices: Rectangle fromUser corners
    color: Color transparent
    borderWidth: 2
    borderColor: Color black)
            dashedBorder: {10. 10. Color white. 0. 1};

Since this is polygon-based it can not only be a rectangle but any shape.

  • Cool, thank you. And "Rectangle fromUser" is a very nice thing, too - i didn't know about that :) Sep 14 '12 at 10:28

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