We've been working on an application that quite heavily relies on VirtualPathProviders in ASP.NET.

We've just come to put the thing on a live server to demonstrate it and it appears that the VirtualPathProviders simply don't work when the site is pre-compiled!!

I've been looking at the workaround which has been posted here: http://sunali.com/2008/01/09/virtualpathprovider-in-precompiled-web-sites/, but so far I haven't been able to get that to work, either! (Well - it works fine in visual studio's web development server - just not on our IIS box - again!).

Does anybody here have any more information on the problem? Is it fixed in .NET v3.5 (we're currently building for v2.0)?


Unfortunately that is not officially supported. See the following MSDN article.

If a Web site is precompiled for deployment, content provided by a VirtualPathProvider instance is not compiled, and no VirtualPathProvider instances are used by the precompiled site.

The site you referred to is an unofficial workaround. I don't think it's been fixed in .NET 3.5 SP1


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