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Choosing between MEF and MAF (System.AddIn)

Is the Managed Extensibility Framework a replacement for System.Addin? Or are they complementary?

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    +1 for this question. How come the answerers didn't touch on whether there is overlap (and what that is) between the two technologies? For instance MSFT:Alex Bulankou offers this quote, "Well, I'd say we probably would like to be positioned as a more generic higher level component model for both modular applications AND external add-ins. AS of this CTP however, MEF does not yet offer a story for versioning and isolation and it does not offer a concrete scenario how MEF can integrate with MAF to obtain this isolation support." – Anonymous Type Feb 8 '11 at 21:46
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It is touched in the MSDN Forums here:

Comparison to the AddIn libraries?

And also by Krzysztof Cwalina in his blog on the release of MEF:

Managed Extensibility Framework

Summary: they live side by side.


Short answer no it is not. System.Addin allows you to isolate add-ins in to a seprate app-domain / process. It also provides facilities for versioning. These capabilities are critical for many customers particularly large ISVs. MEF on the other hand is designed to be simple programming model for extensibility. The two can work together and complement each other.


.. just two links for further reference:

  • The Kent Boogaart blog link is dead. His new blog appears to be here kent-boogaart.com, but I'm not sure to which post this answer is referring. – Spivonious Nov 13 '15 at 20:23

Just as a side note, some time ago I developed so called IsolatingCatalog, which is MEF catalog for providing part isolation. You can instruct it so that you parts are created in a separate app domain/process. WCF is used for IPC. Check it out here.

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