I am using wagon-maven-plugin to scp my WAR file to the server. It works fine. My next step is to perform some commands on the server (mkdir, etc). Is there a plugin that helps me do that? Is there a way to work it out using wagon-maven-plugin?

I am relatively new to mvn. Any help would be appreciated.

Any suggestions?

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I was able to run ssh commands with exec-maven-plugin. It is a powerful maven plugin to do all sorts of hack and also run commands. For anyone interested in the solution

      <!-- Shell script location -->
      <!-- arg #1 -->

Another solution I found was to run maven-antrun-plugin. I would not recommend it since it runs ANT tasks and there are a lot of dependencies to it. But its handy if you would need to run ant tasks via maven.

      <loadproperties srcFile="deploy.properties" />
      <ftp action="send" server="server"
           remotedir="/a/b" userid="usr"
           password="pw" depends="no"
           verbose="yes" binary="yes">
        <fileset dir="modules/my-module/target">
          <include name="file.zip" />

      <!-- calls deploy script -->
      <sshexec host="host" trust="yes"
               username="usr" password="pw"
               command="sh /my/script.sh" />

      <!-- SSH -->
      <taskdef name="sshexec"
               classpathref="maven.plugin.classpath" />
      <taskdef name="ftp"
               classpathref="maven.plugin.classpath" />

Hope that helps!

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    Another option is the wagon-maven-plugin's sshexec feature
    – Josh
    Jun 4, 2015 at 12:25
  • nice but what will be inside the shell script, helpful to see those commands too.
    – Suyash
    Jun 28, 2021 at 3:04

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