I would like to create an activity for my ClearCase snapshot view, but you cannot ct setview to a snapshot and when I try to just ct mkactivity I get the following error:

my_snapshot> ct mkact

Create activity with automatically generated name? [yes] y

[27204] mkact_pre -- trigger firing

Stream feature 'MkactForbidden' does not allow creation of activities.

cleartool: Warning: Trigger "UTS_mkact_pre" has refused to let mkactivity proceed.

cleartool: Error: Unable to create activity.

Can you create activities in ClearCase snapshot views? Or are you restricted to creating activities in dynamic views?


First, cleartool setview is only for dynamic view (see "Python and ClearCase setview", for instance, for more).

mkact can create activity in any view, dynamic or snapshot, but in your case, a pre-op trigger on the mkact operation prevents you to create it.
You could try and set an existing activity: you might have to unselect the current one (ct setact -none) first.

But mainly you need to check with your ClearCase admin why this trigger prevents you to make any activity, which in effects prevents you to checkout or rebase or deliver in this stream.

  • It looks like I cannot unset and reassign an existing activity to my snapshot view, so I will have to contact my admin to determine why I am being prevented from creating the activity. Thanks again. – Jake88 Sep 13 '12 at 20:41

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